Footwork & Drills

Below you can see Elijah practising some footwork drills. All the drills convert to improving your footwork in the ring.

Good footwork can help you have dangerous offence and slick defence.

“Remember, it’s always good to throw the punch where you can hit him and he can’t hit you. That’s what the science of boxing is all about.” – Cus (Mike Tyson’s trainer) echoes the importance of creating angles and controlling range.

When I think footwork, I think of 3 names

  • Lomachenko

  • Mike Tyson

  • Manny Pacquiao

Your height doesn’t matter in boxing. If your feet are fast enough you can beat anyone. Mike Tyson was A heavyweight at 5 foot 10. Fighting heavingWright 6 foot plus and beating them.

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